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Håvard Ø

so what are we supposed to do then? seems like only nurses will be in demand..

Christian H Nesheim

I'm curious: Why do you say nurses in particular?

Håvard Ø

because we will live longer (or forever). consequently there will be more old people in the end than working people! and these old people will demand more and more health care services, hence the nurses, got it?

Christian H Nesheim

But that's just it: We'll live longer, which means the onset of diseases will be postponed. The degeneration of the cells in our bodies will be delayed (or even eliminated completely). People often say they don't want to live to be several hundred because they imagine they'd be old and decrepit people for most of those extra years. That's the fundamental flaw in it. We'll live longer, but also remain "young" for longer.

I personally think we'll need much fewer nurses and doctors in the future. If your organs fail, replace them. If your skin gets wrinkly, send in nanobots to renew the tissue. Maintenance of our bodies will be more frequent and cheap. Besides, we'll soon be able to replace nurses with robots. Primitive robots are already doing some of the nurses' previous job of carrying pills to patients in hospitals around the world.

I want to die a young man at a ripe old age.

Jeba Jr.

prostitutes will never disapear.

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How will the health care reform reduce the national deficit?


This is really cool, and I cannot wait to try it. I will have to spread the word.

Phyllis Cooper

I advise a student newspaper at A.C. Reynolds High School in Asheville, NC. We are doing an article on jobs of the future and would like to use your list of 20 jobs that will not exist in 20 years. We will happily credit this website for the list.

May we use the list?

Phyllis Cooper, adviser

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