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Like biking to work, this simply won't work in the winter time; especially in Canada. A snowplow you totally ruin this surface, and the effect of ice and salt would handle the rest of the TOTAL destruction!

Christian Nesheim

It will though, Johnny, because the he roads will heat themselves up to melt snow and ice right off the road with the very same energy they gathered from the sun earlier.


Many people bike to work all year round! Not to say that it is easy - it takes a lot of commitment but it is absolutely possible. Check out "-40C" a short film by Paul Davis that documents his commute it's a fun example of someone pedalling in the extreme.

rej rasing

How many thousands of linear solar panel feet would it take to propel 1 fully loaded tractor trailor?Im just sayin...Seems like the energy just keeping panels clear in winter from mud snow n debries would be a massive undertaking.Would they require constant buffing to keep vital transperancy of glass clear?Seems like a good idea if panels are on the shoulder not the main load medium to weather the constant abuse.Would take almost everything under the sun (not just solar)to sustain our terminal driving habbits via induction highways, but I do beleive it is by far the best option.

Kevin Gillies

I like the idea. I think using new home roofs and business roofs is a better idea. The realities of cleaning and maintanence seems prohibitive for a road project. We have plenty of other surfaces to use.


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Penny Pincher

what about frost heaves?

Sai Chimata

@JohnnyAncich Did he forget to mention the road will feature a heating element like your rear windshield? Salt, plows, slipping=thing of the past.

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