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I read recently that some calculations say there is a problem as the farmscraper (just want to see if that catches on. First coinage here to my knowledge) gets higher, over as little as four stories. Above this the angle at which natural light coming in reduces the amount of light significantly. Has this been addressed?


Many of the floods and disasters caused the country to get the food which was scare and which had to be thrown from skypers.

Alex Fogerty

@Paul: Going by the pictures provided I would have to assume the majority of the light provided would be from artificial sources, much like in an office building.

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the only problem with this system I think would be the starting cost, a building like that will cost a lot of money

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Andrew Pitzer

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Herve Leger

Well said. I appreciate your thinking

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Indeed an interesting concept!

I believe that future farms will be also held under water, in salt water! Imagine fields growing in the ocean producing vegetables and not consuming fresh water

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This is a great idea, both for environment and for people. But it's true that starting costs are high...

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