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Uh, guys. Real chemists discredited this "nanobots" fantasy a decade ago:

Of Chemistry,Love and Nanobots, by Richard Smalley:


The Once and Future Nanomachine, by George M. Whitesides


We've given Eric Drexler's "nanotechnology" idea 30 years to incubate, and we have nothing to show for it despite all the propaganda and a considerable amount of time and money spent on it, apparently because Drexler got the physics wrong. By contrast, look at all the technologies which have developed quickly in our lifetimes because they exploit the right physical principles, like lasers, computer chips, computer memory, LED's, solar electric panels, MRI, etc. And look at the technologies based on molecular biology which have also shown progress. If I had a son and he told me he wanted to pursue Drexler's "nanotechnology" as a career, I'd advise him not to waste his life like that.

Rich Rob

This is an inspirational article. I'm especially interested in whatever works for people who have already lived for at least a few decades. We don't have the luxury of being genetically modified before birth, after all.

Hervé Musseau

So, Mark, did they prove that life cannot exist? DNA, RNA, ribosomes, proteins, ATP, etc, the naturally-evolved nanobots, have been discredited as a fantasy by real chemists, eh?

Mr. Muhammad Zamiluddin Khan

I am optimist about "us' who stress "humanness' before embarking with the Tech. savvy medicinal cure that many more things may be acheived but the question is what would be the "Governing Ethics" and its "Enforcement Regime' when this tech-induced medicinal cure become easy to access.


You are confusing symptom management with curing the underlying "disease." Furthermore, you probably commit the now discredited falacy of believing in one gene, one "fault" leading to one "disease"

Herve', you are correct to diss the naysayer on the issue of possiblilties with nanao-bots. I would base my disbeliefs on the underlying medical model itself. I rather think the Chinese have it better formulated. Of course there is lots of room to expand with genetic learning. But it's best to have the foundation right before you expand. And Our system does not have it right.

@Rich, ah, we are all modified before birth. In the womb, true its mostly phenotype, but that is another dogfight.....see the paragraph above.


Aging itself is just a few years further down the road. And after that, cryonics damage.


Yeah, and as soon as we get rid of the WORST sickness of all (The Religious) we can actually get some real work done on the rest of them.

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Science is getting new thing day by day as new diseases are found new medicines are found may b in next 20 years many diseases can still come around our scientists spend all his life in research so that that we people should be safe i really liked this post thanks for sharing


Obviously one of the things that poets from Northern Ireland and beyond - had to try to make sense of was what was happening on a day-to-day political level.

Sparky McBiffster

Hmmm, considering that Big Pharma and the medical establishment haven't cured a single thing in the last 50 years I wouldn't hold my breath on waiting for any "cure".

That Guy Who's Always Right

Dude if you think modern medicine is in the business of curing anything these days, you're deluding yourself.

They learned decades ago that the money is in the treatment, not the cure.

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The memory foam mattress found itself in the market sometime during the 1990's where it was received with anticipation and excitement.


I think the explosion of technology will stomp out big pharma. They have been going for a power grab on all levels of medical advancement, but that doesn't extend into all technologies which medical technology relies. (computational tech, etc.) So I for see them failing and losing their grip on medicine and science as a whole. Even social networking will have a place in this advent as the information of tech and benefits reaches the masses before the message is bastardized by Pharma.


You may want to READ some research before you speculate. Arthritis research is funded primarily by individuals and companies. The use of Stem Cells or gene therapy is is not likely to happen in the next few decades, the regulations for IN Vivo trials are strict, mostly insurmountable, due to the number who died previously.

Maybe you should think about solving things like the population problem, and famine.

Herve Leger

Well said. I appreciate your thinking


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Alan Robinson

well i really hope we can cure them

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The title shou;d say "Diseases we will probably cure in 20y" :)

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Barry Waterfield

With reference to all the common disease's that we are going to be able to cure in twenty years time,there seems to me to be one major fly in the ointment. Just take Cancer and Heart disease, cure these two and you'll have an older generation that could go on, if not indefinitely, then certainly for twenty or thirty years over and above the present generally agreed upper limit. Assuming that we continue with our present birth rate just how are we going to pay all the long life pensioners. Could it be that retirement becomes unrealistic with such a vastly increased elderly population. Whilst it might be nice to talk about getting rid of what more or less amounts to built in obsolescence, it could mean the end of any true retirement on purely economical grounds. It's certainly hard enough to pay pensioners today without having them add another twenty years to their already increased lifespan. Think about it.


curing all these diseases will save money by having healthy pensioners instead having to pay out millions for heart conditions and such so having people live longer won't cost anymore it will save money as they will be healthy .

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